Lefkas Boats & Ribs |  Beyond a Cruising Experience | Lefkas Boats & Ribs |  Beyond a Cruising Experience
Live a unique experience! Experience unforgettable moments, either alone or with company in the beautiful beaches of Lefkada that are unreachable by land!
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Live a unique experience!

Beyond a Cruising Experience

Live a unique experience on the island of Lefkada. Experience unforgettable moments and organize holidays lasting one or more days, enjoy the sun and the sea, taste moments of both happiness and adventure, either alone or with company in the beautiful beaches of Lefkada that are unreachable by land. Our boats (ribs) are chosen following the highest standards and specications and are equipped according to all the safety regulations.
Thanks to many years of experience in sea services, we have and are in a position to o er complete quality solutions in the eld of rib renting. We are waiting for you so that we can plan your vacation together by renting one of our ribs.


Beyond a Cruising Experience

“Lefkasribs” in Lefkada and Ithaka is the islands premier, luxury rib rental company and providing the finest luxury Rib boats in Lefkas Island. Whether you are interested in having fun with your friends or your family, we are able to find the perfect solution to guarantee you an unforgettable boating experience.
If you choose your Villa or your accommodation in Lefkas, Nidri ,Sivota or Meganisi its time to rent your Rib Boat. Our staff its ready to service you with a professional and friendly advises.
We offer the finest luxury ribs in Lefkada Island.
Lefkas ribs is a company engaged in the Hire of Rib Boats in Lefkada and Ithaka. The purpose of our company is to offer clients the experience, with absolute safety, a
All the boats are checked each year before the season begins, , to be at perfect condition and provide safe trips.
All of our rentals and services are reasonably priced to suit as many budgets as possible.
Rent a RIB: With a Skipper!
Our experienced Skipper will sail you anywhere you would like, offering beautiful times on our blue waters of our Ionian Sea.
We look forward to meeting you!




Lefkas Boats & Ribs
Thanasis Kourtis
Nydri, Lefkada, 31100
Tel.: +30.6937447659
Email: info@george-studios.gr


Lefkada is an island of the Ionian Sea and belongs to the island complex of Eptanisa. It lies between the islands of Corfu and Kefalonia. It is very close to the shores of the western mainland of Greece. Only a small strip of sea separates the island from Akarnania and a fifty meter floating bridge connects them.

Lefkada covers an area of 302.5 square kilometers and is the fourth in size Island in the Eptanese complex, with a population of 23.000 people. Lefkada along with the islands of Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, Scorpios, Skorpidi, Mathouri, Sparti, Thilia, Kythros and other smaller ones around them, constitutes the province of Lefkada with the city of Leukada as capital and is divided into 6 municipalities (Lefkada, Ellomenos, Apollonion, Karyas, Sfakioton and Meganissi) and two counties (Kalamos and Kastos).

The islands climate is Mediterranean, with long spells of sunshine all through the year, the temperate but rainy winter and the warm but pleasant summer due to the cooling breeze. The 70% of Lefkada is covered by mountains. The tallest top of all is Stavrota (1.182m) with Elati (1.126 μ.) following second and St Lias (1.014 m) and Mega Oros (1.012 m) come third and fourth. On the west side of the island which is quite steep, there are many long sandy beaches. Lefkada possesses narrow plateaus, fertile valleys and canyons with rich plantation, while it also has a notable flora which includes olive trees, cypresses, a variety of pine trees, a special variety of oak, aromatic herbs and rare flowers.

The island has many springs, like the known Kerasia springs in Sivros, torrents that become rather violent at times and form small cataracts like the one in Nydri, the Dimosaris and impressive canyons like the ones in Mellisa of Sfakiotes and in Haradiatikos. The two salt lakes in the northern part of the island are a very important reserve for many bird species.

Lefkada’s coastline is also very rich. It is comprised of impressive beaches, peninsulas, capes – the Lefkata Cape in particular – coves that make magnificent natural ports, distinguishing the ones of Vlihos, Syvota and Routha in the east and Vassiliki in the south side of the island. Many consecutive coves exist in Meganissi creating small but impressive fiords.



George Studios is located at Lefkada (or Lefkas) island. On the eastern seaside of Lefkada there is the marvelous, quite bay of Vlicho where situated the small fish village Geni.

George Studios offers its guests several possibilities to discover and enjoy the island’s beauties as Onasis’ island Scorpios, Madouri island and several small private islands and sandy beaches which are easy to be discovered from you with your boat as George Studios has boat dock facilities available free of charge.

George Studios is located at Geni: 12 km far from the island’s capital Lefkada, 4 km from the cosmopolitan village Nidri, 22km from the airport Aktio and 50 km from the port of Igoumenitsa.

At the surround area of Geni there are a lot of small, seaside fish tavernas, quite and peaceful cafe and Mini Market. Additionally, 4 km far you can find restaurants, night clubs, gas station, car rentals, pharmacy and medical service.

Last but not least George Studios is a special destination because of the fantastic sea view with the magical images of the triangular sails of the passing yachts offer a great sense of serenity and tranquility, contemplation and escape from the daily routine…

Accommodation Facilities:
• Standard twin 7 (sea view)
• Standard double 7 (sea view)

Room Facilities:
All room types afford : Balcony, Air condition , Bath-shower. Refrigerator, Hair dryer, Kitcen facilities.

Customer Services:
Parking, Boat dock facilities, Motorboat rentals, Playground, Water sports (water ski, wakeboard, banana, parachute, tubes), Garden (umbrellas and sun beds), Barbeque, Laundry.

For more information, availability, reservations & prices please contact us on the following e-mail addresses : george_studios@yahoo.gr and info@george-studios.gr

For immediate contact you can call one of the following numbers :

Tel. : (+30) 26450 95143
Tel. : (+30) 26450 24178
Mob.: (+30) 69374 47659